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About us ...

This community brings together people with a high interest in connecting with extraterrestrial civilizations and creating a space to share, learn and connect (Community).
This community is also about building one huge place of valuable and constructive cosmic information (Library) so that we can enjoy many more moments of inspiration that open our eyes, our minds, our hearts and our souls that make us feel more connected as humans with each other (Humanity) as well as with our cosmic family (Human-ET One).

If you feel drawn towards a positive and constructive way of connecting with our Cosmic Family members as well as feel longing for connecting, sharing and learning with your Earth Family members , feel free to join in!

One place ...

- To meet people who share the same interest in extraterrestrial connections, both globally and living nearby you, who enjoy the same things and who care about the same topics.

- To find inspiration, share stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission

- To find a library filled with constructive information about all kinds of topics regarding extraterrestrial contact, civilizations, their presence on Earth, the information and signs they share, the New Earth that is rising, healing, .... and many other creative expressions from us and them, regarding Earth's transformation and the remembering of who we are.

- To start building a community online as well as future communities around the world where Star Seeds meet up, heal and transform, play, learn and have fun in creating a New Earth where Open Contact with Star Family is most natural.

Join Us !

Membership in Human-ET One is based on donations from its members.
But please note ... donation basis is not the same as free ...

It is our vision to create a place for and with each other and that also means that we will have to support and maintain this place together.

And support can be done in different ways.
As the community grows we will need more 'hosts' and to keep the information on the platform of great diversity, high quality and at the same time easy to find we need 'moderators'.

We understand that you can't say anything about this at the moment, but that will come.
We're just dropping some 'food for thought'.

Finally, although there is no mandatory monthly subscription fee, we do ask members to make an annual donation so that you can decide for yourself as to what it is worth for you to remain part of this community.

What's more important to become a member is ...

- Having a positive intention and attitude towards connecting with other like-minded people and connecting with your Star family and extraterrestrial civilizations
- allowing the community to flourish by supporting it through positive energy, constructively sharing information with each other.

Ready to take a look?
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